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CAE Review class 1- The world of work

Actualizado: 19 abr 2020

These materials will help you with the following:

Review of work vocabulary

Finding, keeping, losing a job:

Adjectives describing jobs:

Metaphors and Expressions based on work:


A quick review of linkers:

*PLEASE NOTE- THERE SEEMS TO BE A PROBLEM WITH LINKS TO THE website. Let me know if this problem persists and I will try to source alternatives*

Use of English

Part 2 practice:

Part 3:

*Part 4 Use this Kahoot to practise some transformations using phrasal verbs, expressions etc. It is a challenge open for 1 month


Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:


Part 3

Part 4


Speaking Pt 1- Random wheel questions- Use ZOOM/Skype/Whatsapp to practice with a partner.

Speaking Pt 2- Two tasks to practise with a partner or record yourself and listen back

Speaking Pts 3+4- Collaboration/ Extended discourse


A writing task (Letter of Application). First look at this Prezi which gives a great overview of the letter writing task in CAE.

Then review the Flo-Joe guide for formal letter language, the videos for writing a formal letter and the makeovers.

This activity reviews typical letter of application language

Then complete this task.

You saw in your local newspaper that a company you are interested in working for are offering student work placements in different departments. Write a letter of application to the Head of Human Resources..

Your letter should state what it is that attracts you to the company, the department you would like to be placed in and what qualities and experience you can offer them.

Write your letter. Please type it and send it to This will make it easier for your teacher to mark and easier for you to incorporate modifications without having to do complete re-writes.

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