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CAE Review Class 2- Science and Technology

Actualizado: 3 may 2020

Review of technology vocabulary

Telephone and technology phrasal verb group sort (participle + preposition:

Telephone and technology phrasal verb match:


A video review of 0,1,2 and 3rd Conditionals

And an explanation of Mixed Conditionals

Now open a document in Google Docs. Go to this wordwall. Click on the boxes 1 by 1. When the box opens, type the beginning into your document and think of a suitable ending. When you've finished, share the document with me and I'll check that everything is OK.

Here is a sentence matching exercise with mixed conditionals

Use of English

Part 2 practice:

Part 3:


Part 8:


Part 2

Part 3


Speaking Pt 1- Random wheel questions with an emphasis on technology- Use ZOOM/Skype/Whatsapp to practice with a partner.

Speaking Pt 2- Two tasks to practise with a partner or record yourself and listen back

Speaking Pts 3+4- Collaboration/ Extended discourse

Use slides 2-4


A report. First look at this Prezi which gives a great overview

Then complete this task.

Write your report. Please type it and send it to This will make it easier for your teacher to mark and easier for you to incorporate modifications without having to do complete re-writes.

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