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CAE Review Class 3- Time

Actualizado: 3 may 2020

In this class we're going to review the theme of time- something most of us had too little of yet suddenly we now maybe have too much! The grammar point we'll be reviewing is the uses of devices to provide distance between the speaker/writer and what they say. This will then neatly lead into a more formal piece of writing.


Some time related vocabulary activities to practise various time and again.


Here is a gap fill Reading about time wasting

To check your answers look here:

And here are a couple of exam exercises

Part 4 Set up the Flashcards so you are looking at the transformation. Write your answer in your notebook. Then when you've finished, click on the card to see the missing expression.

Part 5


Keep your listening skills up to scratch by following this TED talk.

Now do this gap fill activity based on the same video.


Here's a nice Prezi to review ways of distancing.

If you prefer seeing it on a whiteboard, this YouTube video will do that for you.

Here is an on-line worksheet to practise.

If you want some traditional worksheet exercises, here they are:

Or a text about Sir Isaac Newton followed by some practice exercises


This time, just some general conversation questions to practise asking and answering over ZOOM. They all incorpoate time expressions or metaphores.


Task Type: Letter to an Editor

Start with this Prezi reviewing the letter writing task in CAE.

Then, review some key letter writing expressions in Flo-Joe and how to create a formal tone.

Now review these attempts by students, trying to correct the mistakes and looking at the examiner's comments

Now it's time for the task.

Question You are reading your favourite newspaper and you come across a letter which attacks the education system in your country (or a country that you know well):

...What a pity our school system is so out-of- date. I would suggest that some major educational reforms are needed in this new century!

Yours sincerely

Prof Collins

To give YOUR view contact the editor by writing to...

Write a letter to the editor of the newspaper giving your response to Prof. Collins' letter (220-260 words)

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