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CAE Review Class 4- Sounds and Senses

Here are a variety of activities around the theme of sound and the senses. The grammar being reviewed is the language of speculation which is especially necessary in Part 2 of the speaking exam. There are also a couple of activities to practise Reading and Use of English Part 4 Transformations.


Vocabulary-Sounds and the Senses

A quick kahoot to refresh some typical sounds.

A Wordwall sentence completion exercise.

A Wordwall crossword



A refresher of speculation and deduction for B2 level in present and past

Some more Part 4 Practice

Set up the Flashcards so you are looking and the transformation. Write your answer in your notebook. Then when you've finished, click on the card to see the missing expression.



Part 7- Introducing choral music to children is like opening a door to a magical world

Part 8- Deaf Children's Language evolves and instructs

How we taste different colours



Rather than exam exercises, here are a couple of activities to test underlying listening skills



Here's an activity to practise colour idioms. Either practice with a partner via ZOOM or tap some boxes and record your answers.

And here's a Prezi which contains images for you to practice using the modals of speculation and deduction. Again, either practice with a partner via ZOOM or tap some boxes and record your answers.



Take a break from writing for 1 week!

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